Senior al Qaeda figure killed in Afghanistan | News | DW | 29.05.2012
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Senior al Qaeda figure killed in Afghanistan

Al Qaeda's second in command in Afghanistan has been killed in the country's east near the border with Pakistan. Saudi Sakhr al-Taifi was said to have directed attacks on NATO and Afghan troops.

The US-led NATO force in Afghanistan confirmed on Tuesday that Sakhr al-Taifi was killed in an airstrike in eastern Kunar province over the weekend.

One other al Qaeda militant was said to have died in Sunday's offensive.

Described in a statement as al Qaeda's "second highest leader in Afghanistan," the alliance said Saudi-born al-Taifi travelled frequently into Pakistan, "carrying out commands from senior Al Qaeda leadership."

He also supplied weapons and equipment to militants and transported insurgent fighters into Afghanistan, the military said.

A follow-up assessment of the airstrike concluded that no civilians were harmed.

ccp/msh (AFP, AP, Reuters)