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Melting permafrost

June 14, 2011

In western Siberia, rising temperatures are posing a health challenge for nomadic populations.

Image: picture-alliance

Project goal: Explaining the effect of global warming on the nomadic Nenets
Climate change: Experts predict that the temperature in western Siberia will have risen 3-4 degrees by 2050
The problem: The nomads are suffering from an increasing incidence of respiratory infections and weakened cardiovascular system
Project investment: 1,120,000 euros

The nomadic Nenets live in western Siberia, a region that's been badly affected by climate change. Temperatures in this area are predicted to rise dramatically in coming decades. Experts believe that global warming is adversely affecting the health of the indigenous Nenets, who appear increasingly vulnerable to infection. In a local project, researchers are investigating ways of helping the nomads and developing strategies to cope with the dangers posed by climate change.

A film by Markus Reher

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