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Russia-Ukraine crisis: What does Putin want?

April 15, 2021

Vladimir Putin has ordered a build-up of Russian troops on Ukraine's border. Are fears of full-blown war justified? Our guests: Gesine Dornblüth (freelance journalist), Alexander Rahr (Russia expert), Roman Goncharenko (DW).

DW To The Point (D) | Gesine Dornblüth
Image: DW


Gesine Dornblüth, freelance journalist. She says: "We've seen it all before: the Kremlin triggers an escalation and then blames the West. But Moscow is the aggressor and there must be consequences."


DW To The Point (D) | Alexander Rahr
Image: DW


Alexander Rahr, author and analyst. He says "The phone call between presidents Biden and Putin helped to de-escalate the crisis and to avoid a possible full-blown conflict."


Roman Goncharenko
Image: DW



Roman Goncharenko, editor in DW's Russia Department: "Russia is using bullying tactics to press ahead with its creeping annexation of Donbass. Ukraine must stay calm.“