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Russia: Gunmen fire into crowd at concert hall near Moscow

March 22, 2024

At least three gunmen fired into the crowd at the concert hall, which was later seen in flames. People are still trapped inside the burning building.

Smoke rises above the Crocus City Hall concert venue following a reported shooting incident, on the outskirts of Moscow, Russia
Smoke rises above the Crocus City Hall in Krasnogorsk, a suburb of MoscowImage: REUTERS


Please read DW's live updates for the latest developments on the shooting at the Crocus City Hall concert venue in Moscow.


Several gunmen fired shots Friday at the Crocus City Hall, a huge concert hall in Krasnogorsk on the western edge of the Russian capital, Moscow, local news agencies reported.

What do we know about the incident?

The state news agency RIA Novosti said at least three people dressed in combat fatigues fired weapons, leaving some people dead and wounded. Meanwhile, Interfax reported up to five people were involved in the attack.

"Unknown persons opened fire at the Crocus City Hall. The evacuation of people is under way," the emergency services told TASS news agency.

The fire has engulfed a third of the building, and the roof is almost completely engulfed in flames, TASS reported. People are still trapped inside, it added.

"Around 100 people have been evacuated from the basement by the firefighters. Work is ongoing to save people from the roof of the building with lifting equipment," the Moscow region's emergency services ministry wrote on Telegram.

Special units of the Russian National Guard have arrived at the scene of a shooting at a concert venue. More than 50 ambulances have been sent to the scene, RIA Novosti reported.

Russia's Health Ministry said some of the injured have already been admitted to medical facilities.

According to TASS, Russian authorities increased security at Moscow's airports.

What do the Russian authorities say?

Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) said it is taking "all necessary measures" in connection with the shooting at the Crocus City Hall.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova called on the international community to condemn a shooting incident, calling it "a monstrous crime."

Meanwhile, Russian ombudsman Tatyana Moskalkova called the incident a "terrorist attack."

All major sporting, cultural and other public events will be canceled in Moscow this weekend after a shooting incident, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said.

How is the world reacting to the shooting?

The White House said that images of shooting in the Russian capital were "horrible and just hard to watch."

On March 7, the US Embassy in Russia warned that "extremists" were planning an imminent attack in Moscow.

More to follow... 

dh/sms (AP, AFP, Reuters)