Quadriga - Brexit: The End of the Road for Johnson? | Quadriga - International Debate from Berlin | DW | 05.09.2019
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Quadriga - Brexit: The End of the Road for Johnson?

Showdown in the United Kingdom. PM Johnson versus parliament; deal versus no deal. The Brexit endgame has begun. Guests: Friedrich Thelen (political adviser), Jon Worth (blogger), Alex Forrest Whiting (DW)

Watch video 26:06


Alex Forrest Whiting is a DW Reporter and former Westminster political correspondant. She says: "The country, Parliament and the Conservative Party are tearing themselves apart over Brexit. Prime Minister Johnson appears to have lost control of Brexit."


Jon Worth lives in Berlin. He is a blogger, political adviser and member of the Green party. He says: 
"Boris Johnson is turning the Conservative Party into the Brexit Party, but this week has shown that is a dangerous game."

Friedrich Thelen is an economy expert who has worked for papers such as "Die Welt" and "Wirtschaftswoche". He thinks: "Democratic convictions are more deeply rooted in Britain's political system than some populists seem to believe."