Preview: Citizens fight for a clean, green future | eco@africa | DW | 27.05.2016
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Preview: Citizens fight for a clean, green future

Citizens often get steamrolled when governments plan big construction projects. But villagers in Nigeria are making their voices heard. They're fighting a super highway set to cut straight through their forest homes.

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Watch: Rainforest versus highway

In this edition of eco@africa, we go to Nigeria for a David and Goliath story of epic proportions. Locals in a community-managed forest in the south of the country have forced the government to temporarily down tools on its flagship 260-kilometer super highway that cuts right through the area. Villagers call the project a land grab that would also have devastating consequences for the region's last rainforest and its wildlife.

We also take a look at some clever ways to produce green energy. In the Netherlands, a bike path harnesses the power of the sun. In Mali, solar energy is transforming villages. While in Germany, algae prove to be more than just slime. In Kenya and Tunisia, activists fight plastic waste and a jellyfish invasion.

Join us for that and more on eco@africa.

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