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Poverty on the rise: Is the COVID cure worse than the virus?

January 21, 2021

Europe is spending billions to prop up its embattled economy. But will that help the world’s poorer countries? Or will the gap between rich and poor widen still further? Guests: Raghida Bahnam (Journalist), Chiponda Chimbelu (DW), Andrew Gilmour (Berghof Foundation)

To the Point 02.07.2020 | Englisch Raghida Bahnam
Image: DW


Raghida Bahnam, a freelance journalist from Lebanon, who believes that: “The Corona virus is hitting the poorest areas the hardest and giving some governments an excuse to restrict political freedoms.” 


To the Point 02.07.2020 | Englisch Chiponda Chimbelu
Image: DW


Deutsche Welle’s own Chiponda Chimbelu. He’s an editor with DW Business here in Berlin, and he says: “The EU’s huge rescue package could derail European efforts to reset their partnership with Africa.” 

To the Point 02.07.2020 | Englisch Andrew Gilmour
Image: DW



Andrew Gilmour is Executive-Director at the Berlin-based conflict prevention organization, the Berghof Foundation. He argues: 
“Disease and conflict feed off each other, so it is essential that the countries of the West don’t cut down on their development aid and peace assistance. "