PopXport - The German Music Magazine | PopXport | DW | 31.10.2016
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PopXport - The German Music Magazine

Singer-songwriter Tim Bendzko has recorded his latest studio album -- at home. Frida Gold is creating new hits as a pop duo. Austrian metal band Pain Is tears up the Wacken Metal Battle.

In this edition:

Tim Bendzko says it's time to grow up

Berlin singer-songwriter Tim Bendzko has sold about a million records in just five years. Now he's come out with his third studio album, "Immer noch Mensch.“ Bendzko produced the album all by himself -- at home.


Frida Gold are back - as a duo

Alina Süggeler was the sexy lead-singer of the pop quartet Frida Gold. Now, two of the band members are gone -- and Frida has recorded a new album, "Alina" with bassist and ex-boyfriend Andreas Weizel.


Pain Is: New Metal Band from the Alps

Metal that makes your ears bleed. That's Pain Is. These four guys from Austria wowed the crowd at the "Metal Battle" in Wacken. And no wonder: they've been playing together for 15 years.


HIT-Clip: Fritz Kalkbrenner – In this Game

Fritz Kalkbrenner -- younger brother of techno-star Paul -- has made a career for himself by combining soulful vocals with thumping electro-beats. His fourth album, "Grand Départ," is now at No. 9 in the German charts.


TIPP-Clip: Marius Müller-Westernhagen – Freiheit (MTV Unplugged)

Marius Müller-Westernhagen has been cranking out hits for over 40 years. Now, he's dusted off some of his old favorites and recorded new versions for MTV Unplugged -- including his 1990s peace anthem "Freiheit."


KULT-Clip: Scorpions – Send Me an Angel (1991)

Scorpions' singer Klaus Meine has just designed a cover for the 2017 anniversary edition of Martin Luther's translation of the Bible, based on a Bible quote about angels. The band had a big hit with “Send Me An Angel."