Poll: Are you planning to buy an Apple Watch? | Technology | DW | 21.04.2015
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Poll: Are you planning to buy an Apple Watch?

Much of the tech world is eagerly awaiting the start of online sales for the Apple Watch on April 24. But who needs high-tech on their wrist? Will you be buying the new gadget?

No other wearable device has caused as big a stir as the Apple Watch. Reviews of its functionality and utility have been mixed, but that hasn't stopped Apple fans from drooling over the promotion videos. They're counting down the days until they too have the next big thing on their wrist.

Sales of the much-hyped device are scheduled to start April 24, the same day pre-order shipments go out to those 950,000 customers in the US who put in requests when the online sales portal opened on April 10. Based on these figures, analysts are already predicting the Apple Watch will be the biggest selling smartwatch of all time.

DW wants to know: will you be buying an Apple Watch?

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