Polish plane makes emergency landing in Prague after bomb threat | News | DW | 31.12.2016
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Czech Republic

Polish plane makes emergency landing in Prague after bomb threat

A Polish airliner has landed unexpectedly in Prague after a reported bomb threat. Czech media have reported that a Polish national has been detained. The chartered plane was flying from Spain to Warsaw.

Czech officials have said a Polish charter plane has made an emergency landing in Prague after its pilot reported a bomb threat on board.

Interior Minister Milan Chovanec told Czech Television that police have detained a Polish national. An air traffic control spokesman said it was not clear whether the man actually had an explosive device. Bomb squads were searching the plane.

The Czech newspaper "DNES" said the Enter Air plane was en route from Las Palmas, Spain, to Warsaw. On board had been about 160 passengers, mostly from Poland.

Czech television said the flight had started in the Canary Islands.

'Under control'

"DNES" quoted Chovanec as saying all passengers had been evacuated and would probably stay the night in Prague, pending a thorough check of the aircraft.

"Situation under control," he wrote on Twitter. "Does not look like a terrorist attack."

Flight tracking websites showed that later planes were again landing at the airport.

ipj/cmk (AFP, Reuters)

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