Poland: German far-right terror suspect arrested with explosives | News | DW | 01.10.2020

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Poland: German far-right terror suspect arrested with explosives

Polish authorities arrested a German man who posted extremist views on social media and was found with TNT and ammunition. His arrest is part of a probe into an international organized terrorist group, prosecutors said.

A German man suspected of belonging to a far-right terror group was arrested in Poland with explosives and ammunition in his possession, Poland's PAP news agency reported on Thursday.

The suspect, referred to as "Jürgen K," was arrested last week in northern Poland and had published extremist views on social media, Poland's Internal Security Agency said.

Stanislaw Zaryn, a spokesman for the agency, said the man is accused of belonging to "an organized criminal group of a terrorist nature."

Found with ammo and explosives

The man also publicly supported "radical, anti-system views and right-wing extremist organizations," according to PAP.

A search of Jürgen K's place of work found two cubes of TNT weighing 1.2 kilograms (2.6 pounds) as well as ammunition, firearms, a teargas canister and a grenade, according to prosecutors.

Authorities charged him with possession of arms and explosives without a permit and he was placed in preventive detention for three months. The suspect faces up to eight years in prison.

His arrest is part of an ongoing investigation by the National Prosecutor's Office into the "activities of an organized terrorist group" operating in Poland and other countries, Zaryn told PAP.

Prosecutors said that the case was still developing and that further detentions in the case were possible.

lc/sms (AFP, PAP)

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