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Plane parts 'almost certainly' from missing MH370

March 24, 2016

Australia has concluded that debris found along the coast of Mozambique is likely from missing flight MH370. The discovery could provide a much-needed clue as to what happened to the Malaysia Airlines plane.

Wreckage from MH370
Image: Getty Images/AFP/A. Barbier

Australia said on Thursday that the plane debris almost certainly belonged to MH370, which vanished without a trace two years ago along with its 239 passengers.

The first fragment was found earlier this month by an American explorer in Mozambique. After Seattle lawyer Blaine Gibson's discovery was publicized, a South African teenager who had also found a piece of the plane went public as well.

"The analysis has concluded the debris is almost certainly from MH370," said Darren Chester, Australia's minister for infrastructure and transport.

Confirmation of theory

Chester said the discoveries confirmed earlier theories that parts of the plane likely drifted toward Africa after supposedly crashing in the Indian Ocean.

The first major breakthrough in the investigation came when a wing from a Boeing 777 - the model of the MH370 plane - washed ashore on an island in the Indian Ocean.

Investigators are still hoping to locate the plane's black boxes, or flight recorders, which are likely somewhere at the bottom of the ocean.

blc/jr (AP, Reuters)