Peter Sodann | Globalization | DW | 18.05.2007
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Peter Sodann

Peter Sodann is an actor best known in Germany for playing commissioner Bruno Ehrlicher in the German TV series "Tatort." He has signed a petition for the counter demonstration in Rostock.

Peter Sodann

Peter Sodann

I answered to the call to join the demonstration against the G8 summit in Heiligendamm because of something Goethe once wrote:

"Sometimes you have to speak your opinions, so that others will eventually speak theirs."

I have become involved in campaigning for alternative globalization, because I believe that the G8 countries are the biggest polluters and war-makers in the world, since they manufacturer many of weapons used in war today.

I think that artists have to stand up publicly in these protests, because art is connected to life and life is connected to politics. Art can also be depoliticized. Unfortunately in Europe there is a certain amount of self censorship. Artists don't speak out about politics because they think they won't get work it they do. It is desperately important that artists are concerned about humanity because so much depends on this.