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Two police officers with riot shields in Lima
Police have been deployed around Peru amid deadly protests against the new governmentImage: Carlos Garcia Granthon/ZUMA/dpa/picture alliance

Peru arrests generals in anti-corruption raids

December 27, 2022

Authorities allege that the generals had paid to rise in rank under the previous government of Pedro Castillo. Castillo himself remains in custody after being charged with rebellion.


Authorities in Peru arrested six police generals on Monday as part of an anti-corruption investigation.

The attorney general's office alleged that the generals paid money to rise in rank last year, with the authorization of ousted former President Pedro Castillo.

Police conducted 26 raids as part of the "mega operation," the attorney general's office said.

Former minister's home raided

During the raids, police seized "documents and devices" at the home of Castillo's former Defense Minister Walter Ayala.

He has denied any corruption allegations.

"This has been unnecessary, because they haven't found anything," Ayala told reporters. "This investigation is over a year old ... this is a show."

Protests continue

Back in November, former army general Jose Vizcarra and former air force commander Jorge Chaparro alleged that Castillo's government had put pressure on them to promote officers who did not qualify.

Castillo was ousted on December 7 after he moved to dissolve Congress amid a political deadlock. He has been detained and charged with rebellion.

Protests across the country have rejected the new government formed by Dina Boluarte. More than 20 people have died in the demonstrations and key infrastructure has been shut down.

zc/wd (Reuters, AFP)

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