Our guest on 02.05.2010 Martin Buchholz, Cabarettist | guest list | DW | 01.06.2010
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guest list

Our guest on 02.05.2010 Martin Buchholz, Cabarettist

"Talking Germany" presenter Peter Craven talks to Martin Buchholz about puns, reunification and swing voters.


Cabaret artist Martin Buchholz is regarded as one of Germany's most talented wordsmiths. Germany and German sensitivities are a regular subject of the prize-winning artist's shows.The 67-year-old worked for many years as a journalist for major German magazines like Stern and Spiegel. But Buchholz was always rubbing people up the wrong way, and in 1982, he took a chance and left his job to pursue a career in political cabaret. Since then he's directed his cutting wit at political figures. He won the German Cabaret Prize in 1998, and was praised by the jury for his razor-sharp analysis of Germany post-unification.

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