Oktoberfest reveals official beer mug for 2015 | DW Travel | DW | 18.08.2015

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Oktoberfest reveals official beer mug for 2015

It's official: Oktoberfest 2015 is on its way. As preparations begin for the mammoth festival of beer, organizers have unveiled the official beer mug with a new and unique design.

A month before the long-running folk festival kicks off in Munich - which goes from September 19 through to October 4 - the must-have collector's item was unveiled on Tuesday (18.08.2015). The hefty mug is emblazoned with the word "Oktoberfest" in colorful lettering.

The traditionally designed stone mug costs 16 euros ($18) from the online Oktoberfest store. And with any luck, it'll increase in value with time - as it's not unheard of that collectors have paid up to 600 euros for historic mugs.

The all-important contents at the world's largest beer festival get a little more expensive every year. While a decade ago a mug of beer cost 7.25 euros, today it's 10.10 euros. A Bavarian mug holds a full liter of the famed amber nectar.

In February, Munich design student Moritz Breitenhuber won the competition for his 2015 design, which stipulated the official Oktoberfest motif should be "fresh, cheerful, colorful and modern." The design will also be featured across a wide range of promotional items, including 10,000 Oktoberfest posters.

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