Night Grooves: DW′s home jam session | Night Grooves | DW | 03.11.2017
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Night Grooves

Night Grooves: DW's home jam session

DW launched a new talk-music show on November 3: Night Grooves. It starts off with a world premiere involving American pop singer Anastacia and Austrian drag queen singer Conchita.

The likes of Anastacia, Conchita, Johnny Logan, Helen Schneider, Avi Avital, Karat, Julia Hülsmann, Midge Ure, Simone Kermes, Eko Fresh and Albrecht Mayer are among the guests in DW's new weekly, 45-minute "Night Grooves" TV program, made in cooperation with broadcaster MDR.

Hosted by German singer Kim Fisher and comedian and musician Wigald Boning, two or three solo artists or bands get together in the Haus Schminke living room to chat and sing or play music together — and create unique moments while crossing cultural, musical and regional boundaries. Like the guests, the house band Ruffcats plays live and unplugged.

For some, it's a big honor — like Marlon Roudette, who was teamed up with the East German Rock band Silly. "It´s a big honor to be with you guys," Roudette said, adding that British musicians have a soft spot for bands that played in the former East Germany. "And because we know music played such an important role in bringing positivity and a message to the people," the British singer/songwriter said.

Find DW broadcast information on 'Night Grooves' here.

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World premiere: Anastacia and Conchita singing a duet!

Talk and laughter

The venue: Haus Schminke in Löbau in the eastern German state of Saxony. The building was designed by Hans Scharoun - the architect who planned the Berlin Philharmonic. Built in 1933, it is iconic of the "New Building"-style, and draws architecture fans from all over the world.

Privatkonzert (Marcel Schröder)

It's like hanging out at home, says Anastacia - just with cameras

Like the building, the new DW show stands for a cosmopolitan mindset. The intimate setting allows for special concerts and unique moments where pop meets jazz meets rap meets classical music.

The very first edition of the show features US pop star Anastacia and Conchita, the 2014 ESC winner from Austria. Their interpretation of Cher's "Believe" left the audience with goosebumps. "I feel like this show is more home, like we're at home, hanging out - there's just a bunch of other people with big cameras," Anastacia said.

"We open up," said Silly's Uwe Hassbecker, adding that the format allowed the band to do things they would normally never do in a TV show. "It's a really genial get-together."

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