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Next major Tesla recall hits plagued Cybertruck

April 19, 2024

Tesla is recalling nearly 4,000 trucks due to a problem that can leave drivers to deal with uncontrolled acceleration. Tesla recalled millions of cars earlier in the year.

Tesla Cybertrucks parked outside a production facility in Austin, Texas
Driving fast to make up for lost time? Workmanship issues have forced Tesla to issue yet another recall Image: Bob Daemmrich/ZUMA Press Wire/picture alliance

Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla on Friday announced that it would recall 3,878 of its new Cybertrucks due to a problem with the accelerator pedal.

According to a US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) filing, the pedal's pad can dislodge and become pinned under nearby interior trim. The issue could cause the vehicle to accelerate uncontrollably, heightening the risk of a crash.

The NHTSA said a customer had informed Tesla about the problem on March 31, 2024.

Tesla claims it is unaware of any collisions, injuries or deaths caused by the issue and said it will replace or repair the defective part free of charge. Tesla also expects to mail owner notifications in June.

Cybertrucks went into production in November 2023, after a more than two-year delay. The recall involves all vehicles made between November 13, 2023 and April 4, 2024.

Though Tesla has not released data documenting how many Cybertrucks it has produced in total, recent global recalls of other Tesla vehicles affected almost every car the company has ever made.

The company, owned by billionaire business-showman Elon Musk, has been beset with problems of late — with millions of recalls, accusations of environmental misdeeds, contentious investigations into crashes involving Tesla's autonomous driving features, fights with workers and suppliers over the right to unionize, plunging stock prices and this week's announcement that the company would be firing 10% of its global workforce.

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