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Munich shooter spent thousands on gun, ammo

August 17, 2016

German prosecutors have said the teenager who went on a shooting rampage last month in Munich bought the weapon and ammunition for 4,350 euros. The "dark net" arms dealer was arrested on Monday.

Frankfurt Zollfahndungsamt Waffenhändler Festnahme Präsentation Waffen
Image: picture-alliance/dpa/A. Dedert

The 31-year-old black market arms dealer who allegedly sold the Munich gunman the Glock 17 semi-automatic pistol and ammunition used in the Munich massacre told investigators the teenager paid 4,350 euros (nearly $4,900) in two transactions, Frankfurt prosecutor Alexander Badle said Wednesday.

The gunman, a dual German-Iranian national, bought the gun and 100 rounds of ammunition on May 20 for 4,000 euros, the suspected weapons dealer confessed.

He bought another 350 rounds for 350 euros on July 18, four days before the shooting rampage at a Munich shopping center left 10 dead, including himself.

The gunman and the arms dealer made contact over the dark net, a part of the internet that requires special software to access.

Someone with a gun license in Germany can buy a new Glock 17 for about 600 euros.

The suspected weapons dealer was arrested on Monday in the university town of Marburg in a sting operation.

He also gave authorities information on a cache of weapons buried in a wooded area near Cologne. Authorities found a machine gun, four semi-automatic weapons and ammunition at the site.

cw/sms (AP, dpa)