More international bus services from Germany throughout Europe | DW Travel | DW | 03.06.2015
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More international bus services from Germany throughout Europe

Following a merger, Germany’s largest long-distance bus company MeinFernbus/Flixbus has accelerated its expansion throughout Europe. The network will grow to feature around 60-70 international connections.

Added to the schedule in the coming weeks will be Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Italy. For the first time the company will offer completely foreign connections, initially between Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris. "We think Europe is awesome," Managing Director André Schwämmlein said.

Long-distance bus travel suppliers such as MeinFernbus/Flixbus offers competition to low-cost air carriers. They generally target young, flexible customers who travel spontaneously. Someone who, in two weeks’ time, wants to fly Paris to Berlin return must fork out 100 euro, or sometimes double that. In comparison, a bus ticket is 50 euro return - however the overnight journey is 15-20 hours.

Other German bus companies also offer international services, including German Touring with their Euro Lines brand. But with the union of MeinFernbus/Flixbus comes an ambitious competitor. "If we do this, we do it to become the market leader," Managing Director Schwämmlein added. Cross-boarder sales will quadruple, he predicted, or even raise five fold.

There is also more competition on the horizon. This coming Wednesday British rival Megabus is promoting one euro tickets between Cologne and Barcelona, and Germany’s Postbus has partnered with Euro Lines offering services to cities such as Paris, Copenhagen, Zurich and Vienna.

at/bf (dpa)