Mobile power to bring Rwanda′s remote regions into the future | Global Ideas | DW | 30.05.2017
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Global Ideas

Mobile power to bring Rwanda's remote regions into the future

In Rwanda, 60% of the population have a mobile phone - but only 22% have electricity. Mobile kiosks now offer not only solar power but also internet access, even in the most remote corners of the country.

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In high demand: Solar Kiosk in Rwanda

Project goal: Bringing electricity and internet access to remote areas without infrastructure; creating jobs for Solar Kiosk operators
Project implementation: Henri Nyakarundi's company Ared distributes the kiosks, which are manufactured in Germany
Project size: There are 40 kiosks so far, but by the end of the year there are supposed to be 600
Outlook: Henri Nyakarundi wants to export the concept to Uganda and other countries.

Walk five kilometers to the next generator to charge your mobile phone? In Rwanda, that's part of everyday life. Henri Nyakarundi wants to solve this problem by bringing solar kiosks to remote areas all over the country. But these kiosks can do a lot more than just turn sunshine into electricity. They also provide access to the internet, among other services. This year, the number of kiosks is supposed to increase 24-fold. Each new kiosk provides a new permanent job - often for people with disabilities, who get an opportunity to earn decent money for the first time. 

A film by Dan Hirschfeld

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