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Michael Caine supports 'Brexit'

Francisco PerezJanuary 22, 2016

The "Alfie" lead spoke out in favor of Britain leaving the European Union during a BBC interview. The comments led his name to trend on social media, triggering mixed responses from users.

Bildergalerie Sir Michael Caine 80. Geburtstag
Image: Getty Images

On Friday morning, British actor Michael Caine was a trending topic among UK social media users for having spoken in favor a British exit from the European Union (EU).

The "Alfie" lead was on the BBC Radio 4's "Today“ program and declared himself favorable to a "Brexit," stating he could not accept that Britain’s actions could be dictated "thousands of faceless civil servants."

He added that Britain could overcome, through "hard work," any adversity an exit vote could bring about.

Many on Twitter came out in support of his statements:

Politicians who had previously pushed for a Brexit were also quick to second Caine’s comments:

Brexit opponents responded to the actor’s statements by criticizing his lack of economic credentials, with others comparing him to American actor Clint Eastwood, who has undergone a right-wing shift.

Caine is a known supporter of the ruling Conservatives, having publicly endorsed Prime Minister David Cameron in the past.

Other reactions, however, were completely beyond the political realm: In the wake of the high death toll among elderly British celebrities, including David Bowie (69), Alan Rickman (69) or Lemmy Kilmister (70), many worried that the 82-year-old actor’s name was trending because he had just died.