Mexican woman caught at Frankfurt Airport with 10 kilos of crystal meth | News | DW | 04.04.2018
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Mexican woman caught at Frankfurt Airport with 10 kilos of crystal meth

The woman attempted to smuggle the drugs into the country in tupperware containers which she had stashed in her suitcase. Police said the drugs had an estimated street value of €850,000.

German police have detained a 25-year-old Mexican woman at Frankfurt Airport after they discovered more than 10 kilograms (22 pounds) of crystal methamphetamine in her hand luggage.

Police said on Wednesday that the woman was in custody and the drugs she had been carrying had a street value of €850,000 ($1 million).

A bag of Crystal Meth

A bag of Crystal Meth

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Police said their suspicions were raised after the woman gave implausible information about her travel plans at passport control on Sunday following her arrival from Mexico.

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Crystal, heroin, opioids – Germany's drug kitchen

Police also said her luggage and funds did not match the story she provided.

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When police searched the 25-year-old's suitcase they found 10 tupperware containers filled with more than 10 kilos of an unknown substance.

Customs officers were then brought into the equation and determined the substance was crystal meth.

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