Meet Eco Africa′s Chris Ilems | Environment | All topics from climate change to conservation | DW | 01.02.2021

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Meet Eco Africa's Chris Ilems

Based in Lagos, Nigeria's largest city, Chris Ilems presents environmental issues and solutions from West Africa for Eco Africa.

I am Chris Ilems. I have a degree in accounting and a master's degree in business administration.

Before coming to Channels Television in 2014, I worked at the Radio Corporation of Nigeria. Since being at Channels, I have honed my skills in TV presentation and production especially with reports focusing on people and their cultures.

The experience has been amazing as it afforded me the opportunity to travel across the country spotlighting the beauty of Nigeria's diversity. Also, my experience on eyewitness reporting as producer and presenter gave me an insight into environmental issues, infrastructure deficits and how these shape the mentality of local people.

Being a lover of nature, I enjoy the outdoors and sightseeing as much as I do indoor activities like spending time with my family. I reckon with the fact that "No one knows it all." And as such I am always open to learning, relearning and unlearning.

This is why being a part of the Eco Africa team is a major move as it affords me an opportunity to learn even more and contribute to preserving the environment. 

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