′May the 4th be with you,′ Germany celebrates ′Star Wars′ day | News | DW | 04.05.2018
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'May the 4th be with you,' Germany celebrates 'Star Wars' day

From Berlin to a galaxy far, far away, Germans have marked the iconic space saga in good humor. According to a new survey, around 1 out of 10 Germans have actively tried to use "the force."

Germany is home to millions of "Star Wars" fans, including some who have even tried to use "the force," a metaphysical power in the saga's fictional universe.

According to a YouGov Deutschland survey published on Friday, 12 percent of men polled said they had tried to use the force to move an object, while 5 percent of women had also tried to achieve such a feat.

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Overall, the results showed Germans were overwhelmingly in favor of using the force for good. Around 46 percent of those polled said they would want to create world peace if they could tap into the force like a Jedi knight, a class of warriors in the series.

At least 48 percent of those polled said they would be on the light side, while 9 percent said they would be tempted by the dark side and the domination of the universe.

From Berlin to a galaxy far, far away

Police in Berlin on Friday marked Star Wars day by tweeting an employment ad inspired by the theatrical release posters of the space opera.

"It doesn't matter if it's clever space smugglers without papers or other galactic challenges, we handle our missions together," said the Berlin federal police said in a tweet. "Is the light side strong with you?"

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Police in Munich went a step further and phrased their tweet in a manner reminiscent of Yoda's syntax.

"In the station, the dark side has roamed. Not crowned by success was it, because on the light side of the force we are," tweeted the Munich police.

But Germany wasn't the only country to celebrate. Government agencies, politicians and actors from around the world marked Star Wars day.

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