Light festival to brighten up February nights in Copenhagen | DW Travel | DW | 01.02.2018
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Light festival to brighten up February nights in Copenhagen

After Berlin, London, Gent and other European cities, Copenhagen is now to host a light festival. In the dark month of February more than 40 light installations will illuminate the Danish capital.

During the festival, visitors will be able to see historical buildings, the harbor and other cultural hotspots in a different light – literally. "Copenhagen is darker than most other cities," says Anne Bay, the Director of the Danish Light Centers. She adds: "The combination of beautiful old buildings and the thick darkness creates the ideal environment for experiments in art and light creation experiences."  

Copenhagen Light Festival (David Stjernholm)

Statement to the current state of world: Not Hate - Love, by Viera Collaro

Numerous Danish and internationally-renowned light artists will, with the help of lights and lasers, magically create over-dimensional sculptures throughout the city, as well as animations projected onto house facades. The Glyptoteket Art Museum will be illuminated in red. 

Copenhagen Light Festival (Out-Sider as)

Ørestad district: new architecture, nature and light art

Glimmering illuminated jellyfish light effects will swim through the canals and lakes in the modern Ørestad district. "Light festivals can be very colorful and bright, but we want to make it a very Danish experience. That's why our installations in their creation are poetic," says project leader Catja Thystrup.

Kopenhagen Tivoli Hjørnet Themenpark (Tivoli/Lasse Salling )

The new Hjørnet theme park in Tivoli Gardens

The beloved amusement park Tivoli Gardens, normally closed between New Year and Easter, will open for three weeks in February to mark its 175 birthday, and will launch a brand new season with a show called "Winter Light."

Kopenhagen Tivoli Hjørnet Themenpark (Tivoli/Bax Lindhardt)

Like a fairytale: light swans on the Tivoli Lake

The participating locations are open to the public, so visitors can attend individually or as part of a guided tour, which are also offered in the form of a boat tour. The Copenhagen Light Festival can be experienced from February 2 to March 2.

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