Lake Königssee, Bavaria | DW Travel | DW | 18.10.2016
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Lake Königssee, Bavaria

The tranquil, emerald green waters of Lake Königsee lie between sheer rock cliffs in Berchtesgaden National Park in southern Bavaria. Nearby is St. Bartholomä, St. Bartholomew's church, a popular tourist attraction.

The lake is similar to a fjord. It's nearly eight kilometers long, and up to 200 meters deep. The water is cold, clean, and clear. Tourists travel by boat to the Hirschau peninsula, where the church of St. Bartholomä is located. The lake lies at the foot of the East Face of the Watzmann massif, which rises to a height of 1800 meters. The East Face is popular with climbers, but the ascent can be difficult. The massiv is famous for its unusual shape. Legend has it that the gods punished King Waze, or Wazemann, for his evil deeds by turning him, his wife, and their seven children to stone.