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Kiruna: A Town Makes Way for an Iron Ore Mine

May 3, 2024

The world's biggest underground iron ore mine lies in northern Sweden. Now, more deposits have been found underneath the mining town of Kiruna and the whole city must relocate, via truck.

Schweden | Stadtansicht von Kiruna
Image: Johannes Frandsen/Regeringskansliet


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AI in action: Will it save heavy industry?

Whether in the cement industry, metalworking, or research laboratories: Artificial intelligence optimizes processes and could save traditional industries. It saves energy costs, makes machines more efficient and labs safer.


Spain: Water scarcity even in winter

Drought: Water shortage in summer is becoming almost normal in Spain. But even in winter, it rains too little to fill the reservoirs. In southern Spain, on the Costa del Sol, the sun coast, many would prefer it were the rain coast.

Spain: Water scarcity
Spain: Water scarcityImage: PAU BARRENA/AFP/Getty Images


Portugal: How the state promotes e-mobility 

While the EV market stagnates in Germany, it grows exponentially in Portugal. Every third car there is electric. The reasons: A standardized payment system and the cost of electricity is much lower than in Germany.



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