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Kenya's 2021 Wildlife Census

March 31, 2022

This week on Eco Africa we look into cryptocurrencies to see how they can be used for conservation and if they can ever truly be good for the environment. We also see the results of Kenya's country-wide wildlife census.

Screenshot Eco Africa 1.4.2022, Affe in Kenia
Image: DW

A wildlife census in Kenya indicates success in the protection efforts of major species like elephants, rhinos and lions. Still other species are endangered and need a combination of science and technology to save them.


Screenshot Eco Africa 1.4.22 Ägypten
Image: DW

Doing Your Bit: Giving a new life to second-hand clothing

In Egypt, an enterprising woman buys old clothes and paints designs on them to give them a new and unique look. The artists also shares her knowledge and discoveries online to inspire others to follow her lead.


Screenshot Eco Africa 1.4.2022, Herde in Südafrika
Image: DW

Using blockchain to protect endangered animals

In South Africa, blockchain pioneers developed a crypto platform that allows users to trade unique electronic artworks. Part of the price is donated to conservation projects, which help save endangered animals.


Screenshot Eco Africa 1.4.2022, Bitcoin
Image: DW

Can bitcoin ever really be made sustainable?

Some new players in the cryptocurrency field are using bitcoin mining to clean up toxic waste. But can mining digital currencies ever actually be good for the environment and make up for its dirty track record?


Screenshot Eco Africa 1.4.2022, Ghana
Image: DW

Making climate part of Ghana's school curriculum

With an eye to sustainability, Ghana has integrated climate change into its new primary school program. Teachers are nurturing future climate scientists and supporting climate action and environmental clubs.



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