Italy police probe Milan train station attacker for terrorist links | News | DW | 19.05.2017

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Italy police probe Milan train station attacker for terrorist links

A 20-year-old stabbed three security officials at Milan's central train station before being brought into custody. Officials have said the man could have harbored 'Islamic State' sympathies.

Italian anti-terrorism police said on Friday that they were investigating a man who stabbed a police officer and two soldiers at Milan's main train station for alleged terrorist ties. 20-year-old Ismail Hosni attacked the men on Thursday night after they asked for identification.

According to local media, the assailant was stopped by two military officers and a member of the special railway police as part of a routine check on passengers around 8 pm local time. He told the authorities "I am alone and abandoned," before pulling a knife.

None of the three reported life-threatening injuries, but all three had to be taken to a local hospital. As of Friday, one soldier was still being treated for injuries to his neck, arm and torso.

Police are now investigating whether Hosni, who had dual Tunisian and Italian citizenship, had links to terrorist organizations. Authorities cautioned that they were not prepared to classify the incident as terrorism, but said there were several videos devoted to "Islamic State" (IS) terrorist ideology posted to a Facebook account believed to belong to Hosni.

The suspect is currently being held under attempted murder charges.