Italian police get a brand new Lamborghini | News | DW | 31.03.2017
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Italian police get a brand new Lamborghini

Hopefully this one fares better than the Gallardo they completely destroyed in 2009. The new Lamborghini will mainly be used for transporting organs and blood to save lives.

Rome's state traffic police rolled out their latest acquisition on Thursday - a Lamborghini Huracan painted in full police colors.

The Italian supercar replaced the iconic Gallardo in 2014 and has a top speed of 300 kph (190 mph).

The luxury cars normally cost between $240,000 and $320,000 (220,000 euros to 300,000 euros).

Lamborghini has a history of partnering with the Italian police. In 2008, the carmaker donated a pair of Gallardos, but just a year later one of the cars was destroyed when it collided with a careless driver. The company donated its first Huracan to Italian police in 2015.

The cars, which can go from 0-100 kph in 3.2 seconds, are often used to transport transplant organs and for blood supplies needed at accident sites.

The new car could also be called upon in cases of excessive speeding and for promotional activities.

The back of the new police's car Lamborghini Huracan (Getty Images/AFP/A. Solaro)

The car features a number of components that aren't available to civilians - such as flashing police lights

"We are very proud to continue our collaboration with the police and to be able to contribute to bringing the forces of law and order closer to the people," Lamborghini's chairman and CEO Stefano Domenicali said as the keys to the new car were handed over to Interior Minister Marco Minniti.

The surviving Gallardo was to be retired to the Police Car Museum in Rome.

A view of a black van sitting on top of a smashed Lamborghini Gallardo following an accident. (picture-alliance/ANSA/Rastelli)

One of the Gallardo's donated in 2008 met an unfortunate end when a motorist cut it off pulling out of a petrol station

"It did 150,000 kilometers (93,000 miles) for us, which just goes to show it was a really well-built vehicle and it saved lives with its organ transplant trips," Minniti said.

The special police model Huracan features a computer and video system, recording equipment, a gun holster, a police radio, a defibrillator and a refrigeration system, as well as flashing lights.

The car was fitted with special blue Pirelli tires to match its livery.

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