Is it all right to eat moldy food? | Healthy Living | DW | 03.04.2017
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Healthy Living

Is it all right to eat moldy food?

Often we end up buying more food than we can eat right away. Even though refrigeration can help preserve food, items such as fresh fruit, bread and other foods are still perishable.

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Usually it’s best to avoid moldy food. Certain hard and semi-soft cheeses contain special molds that are safe to eat. But generally speaking, mold on food means it’s no longer safe to eat. For one, it’s usually impossible to tell how far the mold has penetrated into the food. Some species of mold also produce harmful substances called mycotoxins, says Antje Gahl, a dietician at the German Nutrition Association. Long-term or frequent exposure to mycotoxins can eventually lead to liver or kidney damage, and even promote the development of certain cancers. That’s why we shouldn’t eat moldy bread, fruit or nuts. Storing fruit and vegetables in the refrigerator will help prevent mold. It’s best to store food in a clean, cool and dry location.