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Iran Crisis: Deal or war?

May 16, 2019

Sabre-rattling and sanctions are the methods of choice for the US in its stand-off with Iran. But can this strategy force a climb-down in Tehran? Guests: Torrey Taussig (Robert Bosch fellow), Shayan Arkian (IranAnders), Rick Noack (Washington Post)



DW-Sendung Quadriga 16.05.2019 english
Image: DW

Torrey Taussig is a political analyst for the Brookings Institution currently on a Robert Bosch-Fellowship in Berlin. She says: “Tensions between the U.S. and Iran are escalating. Signals coming out of Washington and Tehran indicate that things will not cool down any time soon.”


DW-Sendung Quadriga 16.05.2019 english
Image: DW


Shayan Arkian political analyst on Iranian and Shia affairs, is editor in Chief of IranAnders, a German language magazine specialized in reporting on Iran. He says: 'Europe shouldn't see Iran only as a threat, rather it can win Tehran as a partner.'" 


DW-Sendung Quadriga 16.05.2019 english
Image: DW

Rick Noack is a Berlin based correspondent for the Washington Post who covers international politics. He says: “Both sides know that a US-Iranian war could become more catastrophic than the Iraq war. President Trump would have few firm allies at home for such a confrontation.”

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