Hydropower for western Uganda | Global Ideas | DW | 14.11.2017

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Global Ideas

Hydropower for western Uganda

Building hydroelectric power plants is complex and often difficult to finance. But not just investors need convincing, the local population does, too.

Watch video 06:26

Hydroelectric power in Uganda

Goal: Establishing hydroelectric power as a clean energy source
Scope: a 5.4 megawatt hydroelectric power plant on the river Lubilia that supplies power to the grid
CO2-savings:  12,000 tons a year
Partner: Seed Capital Assistance Facility

Hydroelectric power is considered a clean energy source. Nonetheless, it is often very difficult to secure financing for the construction of such power plants. Thanks to the support of Seed Capital Assistance Facility a new plant of this type is currently being built in western Uganda. It will render thousands of fossil-fuel guzzling diesel generators in the region obsolete but money is only one part of the equation. For such a project to be successful, it also has to benefit the local people since the new power plant requires them to relocate..

A film by Wolfgang Bernert

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