#Howhot decides your attractiveness quotient | News | DW | 06.01.2016
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#Howhot decides your attractiveness quotient

A new app has emerged for people willing to let a robot decide how beautiful and old they are. #Howhot tells you if your just a "hmm" or a "godlike" beauty gracing humanity with your presence.

A harmless sounding slogan on the page says "Let artificial intelligence guess your attractiveness and age."

Users can choose photos on display on the website or upload their own. Once this is done, it's just a few tense seconds to knowing how old and how attractive a robot thinks you are.

#Howhot is now trending on Twitter and many users have posted pictures they uploaded and how attractive the app thought they were.

This user was obviously happy with his results:

Mr. Peanut here was rated as "nice."

And if you're a banana lover, you may appreciate this post:

"Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder," and that goes for robots too.

The #howhot robot apparently doesn't think much of celebrity cook Nigella Lawson, who is otherwise considered quite good-looking.

This post might make you wonder whether we need to redefine "godlike."

Obviously, the results are not meant to be taken seriously. BLINQ, which runs the website says, "Attractiveness is highly subjective and its perception differs from culture to culture…Have fun and don't take the results too seriously."

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