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The wrong Miss Universe

December 21, 2015

The Miss Universe 2015 beauty contest came to a dramatic end after the host announced the wrong winner. The gaffe has stirred up a lively debate on Twitter.

Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines
Image: picture alliance/AP Images/J. Locher

Miss Universe

When Host Steve Harvey admitted his mistake and announced on live television that Miss Philippines was the actual winner of this year's contest, the runner-up from Colombia, had already been jumping up and down in joy sporting the crown and the winner's sash.

But a few moments later, the crown was removed and placed on Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach of the Philippines. Harvey apologized for his gaffe on stage - and on Twitter:

Harvey said he had not correctly read the card, which said Wurtzbach was the winner and Miss Colombia, Ariadna Guterrez Arevalo was the runner-up. Speaking to reporters afterwards, Harvey said, "Nobody feels worse about this than me."

Organizers of the Miss Universe contest, who previously included US Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, posted their apologies on the social networking website.

Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach was understably elated at the title - one she didn't think she'd win.

Poking fun at Miss Universe 2015

Many Twitter users, especially from Asia, congratulated Wurtzbach, who was born in Stuttgart, Germany.

But most users saw the blooper as a chance to show off their sense of humor. Some shared this picture to show how Miss Colombia must have been feeling:

US comedian Amy Schumer couldn't resist taking a jibe:

And this user tried to decipher a deeper message from the whole story.

Screenshot Twitter E5quire Miss Universe Fehler
Image: www.twitter.com/E5quire

mg/rg (Reuters, AP)

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