How Princess Diana became a fashion icon | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 30.08.2017
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How Princess Diana became a fashion icon

Glittering gowns, elegant suits and bold mini dresses worn by the late Princess Diana are on show at Kensington Palace, marking the 20th anniversary of her death. The exhibition charts her evolving style.

"Diana: Her Fashion Story," an exhibition hosted in her long-time London residence Kensington Palace, follows the evolution of Princess Diana's style from the demure outfits of her first public appearances to the glamorous gowns of her later life.

The exhibition, which showcases 25 pieces by 11 designers, began earlier this year and is scheduled to run through February 2018. The palace aims to show how the Princess of Wales used fashion to sharpen her image and inspire other women.

As the world marks the 20th anniversary of her death on August 31, symbols of her evolving identity become all the more poignant. She died in a fatal car accident in Paris, together with Egyptian billionaire Dodi Fayed, with whom she was romantically involved. 

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Kensington Palace owns only a few of the marvelous dresses and outfits on display. Others are on loan from museums and private collections from around the world.

"Diana wasn't really aware of the value of her clothing, and quickly gave things away for charity," curator Eleri Lynn told Germany's dpa press agency. "We buy what we can find at auctions."

Click through the gallery above for a glimpse of some of Diana's most iconic looks.

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