How much is gold worth to these young miners in Ghana? | Africa | DW | 09.09.2021

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How much is gold worth to these young miners in Ghana?

Illegal mining, or "galamsey" is attracting more and more young people in eastern Ghana. Many young people are arrested, but they are adamant that without an alternative, illegal mining remains a viable way of survival.

Osino is a community rich in gold. Mining moves the economy for years here. But illegal mining in eastern Ghana causes concern."Galamsey" is done on a small scale and without a license. Young men are arrested, and their tools are destroyed. Miners dump waste into the water sources. There is no recovery of the exploited land. Traditional leaders worry about environmental damage.But everyone knows that the social and economic issues are deeper. If nothing innovative and transformative is proposed, "galamsey" will continue to be the lucrative option in Osino.