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How Honeybees Can Prevent Landslides

June 27, 2024

Bees need trees to thrive. So beekeeping and honey production are incentivizing farmers to plant and protect trees on the landslide-prone slopes of Uganda’s Mount Elgon, benefiting the local community in several ways.

DW Sendung Eco Africa | Bees Uganda
Image: DW
DW Sendung Eco Africa | Worms Ethiopia
Vermicompost in EthiopiaImage: DW

Ethiopian farmers benefiting from vermicompost

Farmers in one part of southern Ethiopia are making their own organic compost with the help of earthworms. It’s good for the farmers and the wider region. After initial resistance, it’s now catching on fast, bringing positive change.


Ivory Coast embraces solar energy

The Ivorian government is aiming for a 42% renewable energy mix by 2030. We look at projects from off-grid water supply to massive solar installations that can supply tens of thousands of homes with green energy.


DW Sendung Eco Africa | Herbs Burundi
Ginette Karirekinyana in BurundiImage: DW

Reviving threatened plant species to fight malaria

Many wild plant species in Burundi are threatened with extinction. After working for years as a researcher, Ginette Karirekinyana now gives training courses on the importance of medicinal plants – both for public health and the environment.


Drought leads Spanish hotels to redesign water use

Hotel owners in Catalonia are exploring desalination and natural water recycling methods to combat the region's water shortages. With a significant lack of rainfall, these approaches could provide much-needed relief.




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