How do you decorate your walls at home? | Lifestyle | DW | 18.11.2020

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How do you decorate your walls at home?

We wanted you to tell us what kind of adornments you use to decorate the walls of your home. You can check here to see if you will receive a DW-Design backpack.

Walls can be more than just the borders of a room. Wall decorations provide near limitless possibilities to decorate your home: Wallpaper, colors, fabrics - you can combine anything. In Portugal people love the azulejos. These handmade ceramic tiles are everywhere: on the walls of houses, in green courtyards, churches, staircases, in stores, cafés and restaurants. Sometimes the patterns are bright yellow or sky-blue, and at other times they come in all colors. 

Many of you wrote to us this week to share how you decorate your walls at home. Thank you to all of the participants!

One participant received an exclusive DW-designed backpack as a gift. The winner was Vellis G. from Peristeri in Greek. His favorite decoration are photos.


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