Hoffenheim′s Eduardo Vargas: ′A bit strange′ to have such a young coach | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 22.04.2016
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Hoffenheim's Eduardo Vargas: 'A bit strange' to have such a young coach

Eduardo Vargas has played in all of Europe's top four leagues and he is one of the top scorers in Chile's national team. Vargas spoke to DW about his life in Germany and playing in the Bundesliga.

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Vargas: “I always score for Chile”

DW: You are the only South American footballer to have played in all four major European leagues. How is the Bundesliga different?

Eduardo Vargas: German football is very dynamic, very attacking. There are usually lots of goals. The defenders sometimes come off badly.

Would you say then that strikers have it easier in the Bundesliga than in other leagues?

I guess so. Although in Hoffenheim we strikers are also expected to work hard when it comes to defending. Sometimes I find it very hard to mark an opponent, because I have no energy left.

You have been in Hoffenheim for nine months. How is your German coming along?

The truth is, I cannot speak German.

Which language do you use to communicate with your teammates?

Some speak to me in English. Kevin Kuranyi speaks both Portuguese and Spanish. He helps me communicate with my teammates.

Eduardo Vargas

Vargas has scored two goals and had four assists in his 23 appearances for Hoffenheim

How did you get the nickname "Turboman?"

A Chilean reporter came up with it. During a final, I took possession of the ball in midfield, ran with it and scored a goal. The reporter shouted "Turboman," and it stuck, until this day.

You are very active on Instagram and have almost a million followers. Why do you find it so interesting?

I use Instagram the most, but I also have a Twitter account. To be honest, I don't know how to use Twitter properly. Instagram is much easier and on Facebook I have only friends and family members. On Instagram I publish photos of my everyday life, with my daughter, my wife and my friends.

It has been a decade since you played your first game in the Chilean league, and you've won the Copa Sudamericana and the Copa America with Chile. What is the fondest memory from your career?

Eduardo Vargas

Eduardo Vargas (right) was a key part of the Chile side that won the 2015 Copa America

The most memorable moment of the Copa Sudamericana is the first goal I scored, when I scored with my left foot. For as long as I live, I'll never forget that, or the celebrations when the referee blew the final whistle. In the Copa America, Alexis [Sanchez] scored a penalty in the final. I had already been substituted and was sitting on the bench. I didn't want to watch. I'll never forget the moment Alexis scored the winner.

At just 26-years-old, you are fifth on Chile's all-time list of goal scorers, but you haven't had the same success at club level. Why?

It's true. I always score when I play for the national team, but I don't know [why it's not the same at club level]. Maybe it's because I can communicate well with my Chilean teammates, or because we know each other well personally. Sometimes I think about why I do not score as many goals in Europe, but I work hard every day to try and change that fact. In the Bundesliga, for example, I have hit the crossbar five times, so I have been a bit unlucky too.

What is your relationship with Julian Nagelsmann like? He is only two years older than you…

Bundesliga TSG 1899 Hoffenheim FC Augsburg

Nagelsmann and Vargas on the sidelines

It's a bit strange. It is the first time I have had a young coach, but he is a very good person and a very good coach. The team has developed under his coaching and we're playing better. He has always treated me with great respect.

Recently you said you'd like more playing time. What if this doesn't happen at Hoffenheim? Will you leave the club?

I should wait and see what next season brings. We still have a couple games before the end of the season. I'll have to wait and see whether or not the coach gives me more opportunities.

Eduardo Vargas, born in November 1989 in Santiago de Chile, joined Hoffenheim prior to the current season. He previously played at Napoli, Valencia and Queens Park Rangers. With four goals at the 2015 Copa America, Vargas tied with former Hamburg and Bayern striker Paolo Guerrero (Peru) as the tournament's top scorer.

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