′Hell on Earth′: Eastern Ghouta | Reporter - On Location | DW | 10.03.2018
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'Hell on Earth': Eastern Ghouta

Hassan lives in eastern Ghouta, the Syrian enclave currently under siege from government forces. The UN has called it "hell on Earth." A firsthand report on life amid shelling and the struggle to survive.

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Hassan lives in Douma, in the rebel stronghold of eastern Ghouta, currently under siege from the Syrian army. The UN has called it "hell on Earth." In mid-February, President Bashar Assad's government stepped up its assault on the area. The civilian death toll has since risen to around 900. Hassan has sent us video footage of the beleaguered town. DW has chosen to broadcast it. Because of the ongoing hostilities, it is difficult to get independent information from eastern Ghouta. But what Hassan's footage depicts conforms to reports from international aid organizations and others who live in the region. It's difficult for aid convoys to reach eastern Ghouta, and the international community is failing to intervene. For now, all they can do is try to survive.