Hanover – The Green State Capital | On Tour | DW | 23.04.2015
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On Tour

Hanover – The Green State Capital

First-time visitors of Lower Saxony’s capital are advised to walk the line -- the red line, that is. It's painted on sidewalks throughout Hanover, leading the way to 36 different places of interest.

New Town Hall in Hanover

New Town Hall in Hanover

For 200 years, Hanover was a royal residence, and that history is evident to this day. Visitors have a wide choice of residences, palaces, castles and magnificent gardens. There's the classical opera house and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University, which was at one time planned as a residence for the Guelph dynasty. And there's Leineschloss Castle, today the seat of the state parliament.

In summer, visitors and residents alike can relax in the former Royal Gardens, with their artfully arranged flower beds and finely manicured shrubs. Once belonged to the Guelph summer residence, the baroque park takes visitors back to the 17th century.

Hanover’s historic centre also has many spots to relax and enjoy the surroundings when the weather is nice, with cozy town squares, the man-made Maschsee Lake and the idyllic banks of the Leine river. It’s not for nothing that Hanover is often called Germany’s greenest city.