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Hamburg Olympic bid

July 15, 2015

With two years to go before decision time, Hamburg has outlined the details behind its 2024 Olympic bid. Some of the plans are quite expansive and have got many people wondering whether they are in fact possible.

Christoph Holstein
Image: picture-alliance/dpa/D. Bockwoldt

Hamburg has revealed the first details of its bid to host a sustainable and fair Olympic Games in 2024, 26 months before decision time.

"We want to show that sustainability - environmentally, socially and economically - can give a decisive edge towards Hamburg's success," city environment senator Jens Kerstan said on Wednesday.

The concept of the Games is to be carbon neutral. To achieve this, in the face of hundreds of thousands of guests and corresponding traffic issues, the city is considering a climate levy. Following such a proposal, the downtown area of the city, would become a car-free area during the Games.

The current budget of 10 million euros ($10.9 million) can be reinforced, with a planned total fund of 50 million euros enough to stage the Games, according to Christoph Holstein, head of the city's sports council.

Kerstan added, Hamburg are keen to ensure fair conditions for workers and environmental friendliness in the supply of materials such as floodlights, seats and ticket printing.

Hamburg faces competition from Boston, Rome, Paris and Budapest in bidding for the Games. The International Olympic Committee will make the award decision in September 2017.

apc/jh (dpa)