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Greta Thunberg removed from blocking Swedish parliament

March 12, 2024

Police lifted Greta Thunberg and dragged her from the entrance of the parliament in Stockholm. The 21-year-old and several other climate activists began their sit-down protest at the site on Monday.

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg (C) is led away by police after being arrested during a sit in outside the Swedish parliament
The Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has been detained or removed by police during protests in different countries, including Germany, Sweden and NorwayImage: Samuel Steen/AFP/TT News Agency

Swedish police on Tuesday removed  Greta Thunberg  and other  climate activists who were blocking the entrance to Sweden's  parliament for a second day.

Two police officers were said to have lifted Thunberg and dragged her some 20 meters from the door she had been obstructing.

Thunberg and dozens of other environmental campaigners started blocking the main entrances to Sweden's parliament on Monday in a sit-down protest against the effects of  climate change.

The activists left on Monday afternoon but returned to protest on Tuesday morning.

Stockholm police said that although activists had the right to demonstrate outside parliament, between five and 10 people
had been removed for blocking the entrance. They declined to comment on specific individuals.

Thunberg, 21, became the face of young climate activists as her weekly protests, starting in 2018, in front of the Swedish
parliament quickly grew into a global youth movement with large rallies across continents.

Last year, she was removed by  German police from a protest against a coal mine in the village of Lützerath  in western Germany.

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