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Graffiti artists help turn landfill into eco haven in Bogotá

July 26, 2016

Activists and inhabitants have banded together to turn an illegal dump on the outskirts of the Colombian capital Bogotá into an eco haven.

Image: Michael Wetzel

Colombia: From dump to oasis

Project goal: Reestablishing the ecosystem in the "Las Delicias" river basin, environmental education, new job opportunities for locals
Project partners: Conservation International (CI) in cooperation with Chapinero district government and the municipality
Project size: 420 ha around the "Las Delicias" river basin in Bogotá's Chapinero district
Project budget: ca. 620,000 euros ($682,413)
Project duration: 2009 bis 2018

It's hard to imagine that the "Las Delicias" river basin on the outskirts of Bogotá was once an illegal dump. Today, even tourists come to visit what has now become a little green haven. But it's not just the park and little stream that underwent a transformation. In reclaiming nature, change also came to a whole part of the city. That's because the locals, many of whom had lived a life on the margins, have been closely involved with the project. Conservation International, an environmental NGO, has lead the effort. They even enlisted the help of a graffiti artist to inspire the people living along the stream to take responsibility for the environment and their neighbourhood.

A film by Michael Wetzel