Nature pics from the past 125 years hang along Berlin′s river Spree | Global Ideas | DW | 13.03.2015
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Global Ideas

Nature pics from the past 125 years hang along Berlin's river Spree

To mark a century and a quarter in existence, the iconic National Geographic magazine is showcasing a collection of the best pictures to have graced its pages - along a riverside construction site in central Berlin.

Exhibition of photos along the river Spree in Berlin

The images on show are taken from over a century of National Geographic photography

The natural world has undergone extreme change over the past 125 years, how has the work of National Geographic changed to reflect this?

In the first decades after the #link: Geographic# society was founded in 1888, a lot of stories in National Geographic were about showing readers the natural wonders of the world. For example they were taken on expeditions to unknown places in the Arctic, Asia, Africa and the Americas, in keeping with the claim: showing the world and all that is in it.

This has changed over the decades. Today´s claim is: inspire people to care about the planet. National Geographic still reports on expeditions, natural wonders, amazing cultures, archeological excavations and technical innovations, but nowadays the threatened world plays a major role, be it climate change and its consequences, vanishing habitats or ivory trade.

National Geographic now takes a strong position for the protection of nature and environment.

How old are the 55 pictures on display along the river Spree?

These are the best images from 125 years of National Geographic.

Why did you decide to exhibit them along an urban construction site?

The #link: Forum# will be presenting the world´s cultures, which is one of National Geographic´s main subjects. Both institutions are natural partners in arranging a peaceful encounter of peoples and cultures from all over the world.

Berlin's cathedral in the distance as people walk along the river looking at the images on show

Berlin is the perfect place to combine nature and architecture

How important do you think National Geographic will be in the next 125 years?

In my eyes National Geographic will play an important role in determining how we are going to live in the future.

We are for example already addressing challenges for mankind, such as the food crisis. National Geographic recently published a year-long series called "Feeding the World", looking at how 7 billion plus people on earth can find food of sufficient quality and in sufficient quantity.

We will continue to report about other challenges but also show the beauty of the world which in part is at stake.

Siebo Heinkenis Deputy Editor-in-Chief of National Geographic Deutschland. The exhibition at Berlin's Spreeside Gallery will be on show for the next year.

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