German unemployment up slightly in July | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 28.07.2016
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German unemployment up slightly in July

German joblessness has risen marginally, but the unemployment rate remains at low levels not seen since the early 1990s. The domestic labor market continued to be in a robust state despite economic volatility elsewhere.

The number of people out of work in Germany rose by 47,000 in July month-on-month in unadjusted terms, the Federal Labor Office (BA) reported Thursday.

The Nuremberg-based agency registered a total of 2.661 million jobless people in July, saying that the figure reflected the regular summer uptick as school leavers flooded onto the jobs market across the country.

The unemployment rate held at a record-low 6.1 percent and thus remained at its lowest level since German reunification in October 1990.

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German industry voices Brexit concerns

Unfazed by Brexit

In a year-on-year comparison, the July figures saw the number of unemployed people decrease by 112,000, BA President Frank-Jürgen Weise told reporters.

"The labor market developed positively in July," Weise said in a statement, adding that economic uncertainties triggered by the UK's vote to leave the European Union and other factors had not yet had a tangible impact on jobs in Germany.

In seasonally adjusted terms, the number of jobless people dropped by 7,000 in July month-on-month.

hg/sri (Reuters, dpa)