German groom with cold feet spurs manhunt | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 19.04.2017
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German groom with cold feet spurs manhunt

A soon-to-be husband in Germany went missing - twice - in the southern town of Rheinfelden over the Easter weekend. His double disappearance was caused by doubts over his upcoming marriage.

The betrothed's sister first reported her brother missing last Thursday on what should have been the man's wedding date, the police announced to the media on Tuesday. Earlier in the day, the groom had slipped off to a medical clinic to try to avoid going to the altar.

His disappearance triggered a police manhunt across the small town that lies nestled in the southwest corner of Germany near the Swiss border. 

After wedding guests uncovered the reluctant bridegroom at his home later on Thursday evening, the nervous groom took off for a second time.

However, he subsequently informed authorities of his hideout location, so as to avoid causing them unnecessary trouble. A patrol then made its way to the runaway groom's location in order to talk over his "I do" doubts.

Police did not hear from the man again over the Easter weekend, though they could not confirm whether he finally gained the nerve to take his marriage vows.

Authorities have ruled out forced matrimony. 

No information was available from the bride-to-be. 

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