German football body appoints Dutt as sports director | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 25.07.2012
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German football body appoints Dutt as sports director

Former Bayer Leverkusen coach Robin Dutt has been appointed sports director of the German football association. The role puts him in charge of developing new talent and training of the country's soccer coaches.

Germany's Frankfurt-based football association (DFB) confirmed on Wednesday that Dutt was to succeed Matthias Sammer, who resigned earlier this month.

The 47-year-old former Leverkusen and Hamburg coach appeared at a news conference with DFB President Wolfgang Niersbach. He officially takes over for a period of four years on August 1.

"We are absolutely convinced we have the right man for this central role," Niersbach said.

Dutt is set to supervise the development of Germany's young stars. His new role will also put him in charge of the training of the country's coaches.

"I look forward to working with national coach Joachim Löw and the other DFB coaches," said Dutt.

"I feel it is an incredibly exciting challenge to further develop the best talents that our country has to offer," he said.

Dutt was fired as Leverkusen coach in April and had previously coached Freiburg for four seasons, until 2011. Sammer spent six years in the role before leaving is in a surprise switch to Bayern Munich, where he will take on a similar role.

Dutt never made it big himself as a player, plying his trade in the fifth, six and seventh tiers of the German game.

rc /kms (AP, dpa)